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The only cost-effective ASC 842 Lease Accounting Cloud Solution for medium-sized and small companies

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Why iLeasePro?

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A friendly user interface that stays out of your way and lets you get to what you need quickly, easily, and without an instruction manual.

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You don’t have to pay outrageous subscription fees for your lease accounting solution. iLeasePro is developed and priced to support small to mid-market company to be successful.

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Minimize compliance risk. iLeasePro calculates the Daily Amortization of ROU Asset and Lease Liability to offer you the most accurate ASC 842 calculations.

iLeasePro Lease Accounting Features

Lease Accounting Features

  • Real Estate and Equipment Lease Accounting
  • Lease Portfolio Consolidation
  • Amortization Schedule of ROU Asset and Lease Liabilities
  • Automated build of ASC 842 Journal Entries
  • Lease Classification Method Wizard
  • As-Of ASC 842 Financial Disclosure Reporting

Lease Management Features

  • Comprehensive abstracting and data entry of hundreds of key lease values
  • Build rent table with unlimited escalation steps
  • Upload and store all of your lease agreements & images
  • Consolidated lease portfolio dashboard
  • Critical date tracking and email notification
  • Add unlimited contacts and link to your leases
  • Over 50 standard reports including Account level, Lease Analysis, Detailed Lease Level, Audit, Lease Accounting reporting and Administration reporting
iLeasePro Lease Management Features

Are you using spreadsheets for the ASC 842?

Let us explain why this is a very risky approach to this complex compliance.  Spreadsheets are great for certain situations, but complying to the ASC 842 is not one of them. 

Spreadsheets will not provide the ability to consolidate your lease data, scalability as you grow, provide consistent calculation accuracy, minimize human errors, high level of security and control of your lease data and the opportunity to easily collaborate across your organization.  Check out this video on why spreadsheets will not work for the ASC 842 compliance and why you should move to iLeasePro.

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